Community Legal Center is a non-profit organization providing legal services to those with limited means.

The Community Legal Center has evolved over the past 20+ years into a legal aid agency offering a number of civil legal services to those of limited financial means and those at risk, including populations not served by other legal aid agencies.

Those who call us speak with a sensitive, bilingual intake coordinator. Each caller is treated with respect and, after detailed questioning, is either placed with the appropriate Community Legal Center program or referred out to another legal aid provider or appropriate social service agency. If callers do not meet our income restrictions, we refer them out to private attorneys. We offer the following programs to accomplish our vision of improving the lives of those we serve by giving them access to justice.

Our Mission

The Community Legal Center’s mission is to provide civil legal services to those with limited means and those at risk, including populations not served by other legal aid agencies.

This comes from our conviction that regardless of ones’ circumstances in life, each person deserves the opportunity to seek justice. Only when other basic needs have been met do most people have sufficient income to pay for a private lawyer.


Since its inception in 1994, the Community Legal Center has provided civil legal services to Memphians of modest means. Community Legal Center’s civil law program serves Memphis’ “working poor” whose income falls below the living wage level.

The Immigrant Justice Program (IJP) serves persons in Memphis Immigration Court’s geographic jurisdiction whose income falls below a living wage. We represent our immigrant clients in a variety of immigration matters.

The Community Legal Service also works extensively with victims of elder abuse and provides assistance to those seeking to represent themselves in visitation and uncontested divorce proceedings through its Pro Se Parents’ Clinic.