Pro Se Divorce Clinic

The Pro Se Divorce Clinic assists with uncontested divorces for persons with minor children.

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties are willing to sign the pleadings necessary to obtain the divorce.

In order to receive assistance, the applicant must first complete an intake interview, which can be done over the phone, to see if he or she qualifies for assistance.

The following shall disqualify an applicant from receiving assistance through the Pro Se Divorce Clinic:


  • Being over income
  • An active bankrupcy
  • Paternity issues
  • Refusal to set child support

Other factors may also disqualify a participant, however, the above are the most common.

Obtaining a divorce requires three appointments at the Pro Se Divorce Clinic. The Pro Se Litigant receives limited legal advice and assistance in drafting the necessary pleadings and specific instructions on how to file for divorce.


Child support order must either be in place or in some cases, may be created through the Parenting Plan at the Clinic. However, proof of both parties’ income must be provided in order to establish child support through the Clinic.


The Pro Se litigant is responsible for the following costs when receiving assistance from the Pro Se Divorce Clinic:

  1.  The intake fee – The intake fee is a sliding scale amount based upon income and is between $5 – $15.

  2.  The filing fee – In any lawsuit, a filing fee is paid to the Clerk of the Court. At this time, the Shelby County filing fee for an uncontested divorce with minor children is $381.50. The filing fee is paid to the Court and is not a fee received by the Pro Se Divorce Clinic.

  3.  Court costs: At the end of the case, the Court will assess court costs. Once the court costs are assessed, the Pro Se litigant and/or the Defendant, shall be sent a court cost bill from the Court Clerk.

The Pro Se Divorce Clinic is open each week from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Monday, and 9 a.m. until noon on Tuesday through Friday.

Assistance may be available for Shelby County and Tipton County residents:

  1.  Uncontested divorces with minor children

  2.  Petitions to Set Visitation for unmarried parties

  3.  Court-ordered mediation for visitation issues for pro se litigants

The Pro Se Divorce Clinic is being operated remotely at this time. For information, please leave a message at (901) 222-3813 or email