Why Volunteer?

Join us in helping others access justice and change their lives for the better.

The Community Legal Center relies on volunteers to leverage our resources and help more people.

Volunteer attorneys in private practice handle cases we refer to them pro bono (at no charge).

Paralegals, law students, and college students volunteer in the office, assisting staff attorneys and administrative staff.

Proficient Spanish speakers interpret at client interviews and translate documents.

Why do attorneys take pro bono cases?

Earning CLE Credit

Earning free CLE credit at the rate of 1 hour of ethics credit for each 5 hours spent on pro bono matters referred by Community Legal Center.


A source of genuine self-esteem and career satisfaction.


Receiving referrals from the Community Legal Center of clients who can afford attorneys.


Comply with ethics requirements under Rule 6.1.


Networking with other public service-minded legal professionals.


Helping improve the public image of attorneys.


A chance for less experienced attorneys to learn to interact with clients, communicate with, and influence other parties and lawyers, settle some disputes and litigate others.

Referal agency

Using the Community Legal Center as a referral agency to talk with people in need who may call your firm to determine their real needs and refer them to the best source of help.


Gaining experience in areas of the law outside of your practice area.


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